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Courses taught at SUSS (2017 - 2023)

  • Mathematics, Sustainability and Climate Change

MTH320 Mathematical Methods II: Laplace & Fourier Transforms, Linear 2nd Order ODE & PDE
MTH319 Mathematical Methods I: Linear Algebra & Linear 1st Order ODE
MTH316 Multivariate Calculus
Enterprise Leadership for Transformation 03, Session 10 - Sustainable Energy and Carbon Mitigation Policies
Executive Management Programme 06 - Session 10: Why do good? (Sustainability section)
SCO211 Science for Sustainability
CCO204 Sustainability and Technology
CCO203 Sustainability, Technology and Society


Courses taught at NTU (2005 - 2016)

  • Climate Science, Physics and Mathematics

CY1007 Climate Science: Multi-disciplinary Perspectives
ES8007 Climate and Climate Change
ES1007 Oceans, Atmosphere and Climate
PAP738 Topics in Physics (Atmospheric Modelling)
PAP719 Graduate Seminars II
PAP452/PH4502 Atmospheric Physics
PAP321/PH3201 Statistical Mechanics
PAP221/PH2201 Classical Mechanics
PAP119/PH1199 Physics Laboratory 1b
MAS281/MH2801 Complex Methods for the Sciences
MAS181/MH1800 Calculus for the Sciences I

Orignial image: A mountain breeze sweeps clouds towards Mount Bromo in East Java at sunrise. © 2021 Koh Tieh Yong. All rights reserved.

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