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Koh Tieh Yong graduated from Imperial College with First Class Honours in Physics in 1994 and obtained his PhD in Atmospheric Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2001. He was a Visiting Scientist with Ecole Polytéchnique at Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique and then a Research Scientist with Temasek Laboratories at National University of Singapore. In 2004, he became an Assistant Professor at School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Nanyang Technological University and later gained tenure as Associate Professor. In 2016, he moved to Singapore University of Social Sciences (known as SIM University then). He presently teaches Sustainability Science and conducts workshops on Weather and Climate Physics.

Tieh Yong received Koh Boon Hwee Scholars Award three times in 2011-2012 for inspirational teaching and Nanyang Education Award 2013. He was one of three examiners in Asian Physics Olympiad 2014. He served in the 2019 Curriculum Review Committee for Pre-University Geography under Ministry of Education, Singapore. In research, he was an expert reviewer for Fifth Assessment Report of Inter-governmental Panel for Climate Change (2013) and contributed to ASEAN State of Climate Change Report (2021). He currently co-chairs the Working Group for Asia-Australia Monsoon and serves in the Madden-Julian Oscillation Task Force under World Meteorological Organization. He is also a secretary for Atmospheric Sciences section of Asia-Oceania Geosciences Society and an editor for "Scientific Online Letters on the Atmosphere".

Tieh Yong is passionate about atmospheric dynamics, geophysical mixing, and Southeast Asian weather and climate. He applies his knowledge for sustainable development of society.

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